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Chat Applets for Visitors

Regular Chat Applet
This is the chat interface that normal visitors (chatters) to your web site will use. If you want your chatters to be able to send files to each other you will need to use the SIGNED version of the chat applet.

Lite Chat Applet <<------ this option suitable for users on dial-up connections
The 'Lite' version of the chat applet contains only basic chat functionality and removes many extraneous and bandwidth intensive features (graphics, sounds, etc.) to accomodate users with limited bandwith and resources.


ChatMaster Applets for Administration and Moderation

ChatMaster Applet
This applet is used by ChatMasters, Moderators/Guests (for auditorium-style moderated chats) and other authenticated users for administrative and operational tasks. (The ChatMaster applet's functionality is also available as an application.